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Gladiator Slot Game is a 25 line video slot game with symbols on the second, third and fourth reels which invokes the Gladiator Slot Bonus. There is also a Colosseum scatter symbol, and if you get three or more of these, the result is the Free Spins bonus. In the Free Spins bonus screen, there are a set of blocks to choose from which gives you the free spins and multiplier. Players can get some mega payouts if you get an extra scatter symbol and an extra wild symbol.

Online casino slot players have all expressed their approval of the Gladiator Slot game, developed and released by the gaming technology firm, Playtech. Since the game was issued four years ago, it has never lost its appeal nor its player base. In fact, truth be known, the game's attractiveness and player base have increased year on year! Playtech got the formula right for this slot game and the results have been astounding. Graphics to die for, awesome game play and bonus features, together with intense music.

Players who love the film will be extremely satisfied with the game; Playtech has managed to marry perfectly the film to all the aspects of the game. Players not familiar with the movie will also be thoroughly impressed by the game play and bonus features. The really big deal about Gladiator Slot is the free spins feature, which is awarded from generating the Coliseum Bonus. This bonus feature is triggered by three or more Coliseum scatter symbols visible to the player.

The outstanding aspect of the free spins is that in this round the game can randomly change an existing symbol into a scatter symbol. And this is where anyone playing will be hitting the roof, as the big wins will start pouring in! Mega cash is definitely on the cards if the player gets the 9, 10, J, Q, K, or A symbol converted as they can appear more often. If anyone can manage to get 5 in view, then jump for joy, as you have got all the money you will ever need right there! So try your fate and see whether you can battle all the way to Rome.

With these generous bonuses, it is no surprise that this video slots game has proved to be quite popular with players. The special features and bonuses, together with the generous payouts make this one of the best games online for slot enthusiasts who have a thing for the Romans!

Big Slot Win

A lot of people are still not  very familiar with live dealers or live casino online. This is mainly because they are used to play the usual roulette and blackjack where the software just shuffles the cards or spins the roulette wheel. Well, if you are one of these people then you dont know what you are missing. Live casino games are the present and the future of online casino games. Live Roulette online, live blackjack, live baccarat and so many more casino games are now available with live dealers.

There are plennty of reasons that make live casino games so popular nowadays. We have shortlisted just the top 3 for now

  • Feeling of fairnerss. When you play with a live dealer online, that you can see, chat and interact then you definately know that the game can be as fair as it gets. Some casino players will often moan about the fact that the software is playing in favor of the casino. Well not with live dealers as the action unfolds infront of your eyes at real time
  • Chat - Interact with live dealers. Its always nice to be able to chat and interact with other people and thats exactly what you can do when you play live casino games. Say hi to the dealer, ask her to bring you luck or just random chat (but dont get abusive)
  • Convienience. When you play with live dealers online you dont need to go to your local casino, but you still get  the benefit of playing with live dealers, just like you are at your local casino!

These are just a few main benefits of live casino games online. There are plenty more like confidentiality, multiple tables, bonus chips etc but we can talk about these at some point in the future


The Avengers slot game happens to be a Marvel Series game powered by Playtech in which the favorite characters including Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and Thor are featured in 4 of the games. With 20 paylines and 5 reels, the players will be able to come across other popular Marvel superheroes too such as Black Widow, Nick Dury, and Hawkeye.


The Avengers slot game includes free casino slots in which players are required to find the slots in order to fight off the enemy. The game revolves around the combat scheme in which the feature The Avengers Assemble on Reels is activated through the appearance of Captain America, Hulk, and Thor on a specific payline one by one where the players can get the reward of 10 times the original reward.

Bonus Features

The bonus features in the game include assembling the Avengers on the reels, which triggers when Hulk, Thor, Nick Fury, and Ironman are unleashed for earning extra payouts. The Avengers Slot game has the total of 5 bonuses among which the best bonus feature is the Wall of Heroes. This feature allows the players to win mega prizes and gets activated through the appearance of three of the Avengers Logo. The free spins feature is another bonus feature which unleashes three more superheroes. The last bonus feature involves uncovering the symbol of Loki which leads to the player winning the total game and returning to the main game screen.

Free Spins

The free spin feature in the game allows the player to get nine free spins in which the player can win in various ways. The Thor spin provides the players with 3 extra spins in which the player can choose from the best multipliers even with 7000 times more the original stake. The Hulk free spins enable the sure shot wins to the wild function where the player can reach the maximum number of wins through the progressive jackpot system. The progressive jackpot system can be triggered at any time during the game.

How The Game Is Played

The game involves the player to fight till the end while imitating the moves of the superheroes. The player is required to dodge the blocks and buttons in order to attack which gives an illusion of reality for the player. A total of twelve symbols on 10 lines is required to unlock the free spins and the bonus features in the game.


Latest Multi-Line Slot Machine Game: Lucky Lady Clover Slot


In order to provide information for the latest Multi-Line slot machine games available, today we will discuss Lucky Lady Clover slot developed by SoftSwiss casino software development Company. The motive behind reviewing these latest multiple line slot machine games for our readers is to provide an insight of these games so that they can understand the basics of these new games which allows them to enter these games with prior knowledge regarding the working and payout schedules of these games. It is always better to learn more about the game before hand rather than learning the game by taking risk on the hard earned money. Interested player are of this game are advised to learn more about this slot machine game by participating in practice mode rather than going out straight to real money mode.

SoftSwiss is the online gaming software research and development company which is in the service of all the major online casino sites for the last ten years. This company’s headquarters are based in Austria with branches in Minsk and Belarus. This company attracted lot of crowds when they displayed their innovative games at the iGaming Super Show along with other world leaders of online gaming. Currently this company in under the management of Ibedio GmbH and is on its way to establish itself as one of the top ranking online gaming developers. The current partners of this company are provided with the choice of real money casinos along with bitcoin casino solutions and sports betting software.

Lucky Lady Clover is a slot machine game based on the theme of Irish lass which allows the players to win big by striking the magic symbols provided in this game. The interested players can hit a huge sum of money by lining these symbols in a row. The lady of the game itself is the wild symbol which can be used to replace any other symbols thus allowing the players to come out of a losing scenario for a winning one. Players should take caution that this wild symbol can replace any of the other symbols except for the scatters. The other symbols used in this game are of horse shoe, rainbows, Gold pots, coins of gold and shamrock (which is a kind of three leaf clover). The other thing which should be kept in mind is that when a player strikes more than one or one lucky lady icons included in winning line, the prize money is doubled. What will be a game based on Irish mythology will be like if there is no mention of a Leprechaun. In this game the hat of a Leprechaun is designated as a scatter symbol which when struck increases six hundred fold the size of the winnings! Number 3, 4 and 5 in the form of scatters allows the players to access fifteen free games along with tripling of all the payouts.

If we sum up the whole game, then this is five reels with nine pay lines slot machine game with a jackpot. The maximum coin limit of this game stands at nine coins. The minimum bet starts from .10 and goes up to 1.00. This game does have a gambling feature along with scatters, wild symbols, multipliers, free spins and auto play mode. The current jackpot of this game stands at 10000 with the second highest payout of 3000. The RTP of this game is currently unknown and due to the sheer volatility this game is recommended for the players with previous experience of high volatility slot machine games.



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