3 Reasons I prefer Live Dealer Games
02.05.2016 13:34

A lot of people are still not  very familiar with live dealers or live casino online. This is mainly because they are used to play the usual roulette and blackjack where the software just shuffles the cards or spins the roulette wheel. Well, if you are one of these people then you dont know what you are missing. Live casino games are the present and the future of online casino games. Live Roulette online, live blackjack, live baccarat and so many more casino games are now available with live dealers.

There are plennty of reasons that make live casino games so popular nowadays. We have shortlisted just the top 3 for now

  • Feeling of fairnerss. When you play with a live dealer online, that you can see, chat and interact then you definately know that the game can be as fair as it gets. Some casino players will often moan about the fact that the software is playing in favor of the casino. Well not with live dealers as the action unfolds infront of your eyes at real time
  • Chat - Interact with live dealers. Its always nice to be able to chat and interact with other people and thats exactly what you can do when you play live casino games. Say hi to the dealer, ask her to bring you luck or just random chat (but dont get abusive)
  • Convienience. When you play with live dealers online you dont need to go to your local casino, but you still get  the benefit of playing with live dealers, just like you are at your local casino!

These are just a few main benefits of live casino games online. There are plenty more like confidentiality, multiple tables, bonus chips etc but we can talk about these at some point in the future

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